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Glock 17: Widely Used for a Reason

The Glock 17 impressed law enforcement officials enough to make it a leading handgun.

No other handgun is more widely used in law enforcement agencies than the Glock 17.

Reliability, light weight and a more-than-normal magazine capacity add up to a great combination of features, just the kind of thing police forces across the globe look for in a weapon. Glock pistols fit this.

The safe, easy and fast attributes of the Glock 17 make it a go-to choice when pressure is high, time is short and a gun just flat out needs to perform. In most cases, however subjective the phrase may be, this is considered the most popular pistol in the world.

Watch this video highlighting the Glock 17 and GLOCKIncUSA‘s other top models.

The 9x19mm pistol is 8.03 inches long and 5.43 inches high. Its barrel length totals 4.48 inches, and it’s only 1.18 inches wide,making for a comfortable and manageable grip. The trigger pull is ideal for a lot of shooters, but that’s always a debatable subject.

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The semi-automatic Gen4 version, released in 2010, is an updated iteration of the world’s go-to pistol. A customizable Modular Back Strap design allows for options to find the ideal level of grip and comfort. The dual recoil spring assembly adds lasting ability to the interior of the gun, and a reversible enlarged magazine catch works equally as well for right-handers as it does left handed people.

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What makes the Glock 17 and the Gen4 version so recognizable is likely the boxy, brick-style shape and features. The gun may never win any beauty pageants, but instead focuses on functionality, ease of use and reliability.

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In essence, the Glock 17 is a barebones, what you see is what you get-style gun, which is likely part of its appeal. While collectors and some enthusiasts prefer aesthetically-pleasing firearms that are as kind to the eyes as they are deadly, Glock (and the police officers that use them) was really just concerned about the deadly part. And sometimes, you just want to add a new Glock to your wish list.

When choosing a handgun for personal use, you could certainly do a lot worse than the Glock 17. Better? That’s up for debate.

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Glock 17: Widely Used for a Reason