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The Global Hunting Survey Launched by Fieldsports Channel [VIDEO]

The Global Hunting Survey is an attempt by Fieldsports Channel to get a better picture of hunting today, watch this video and learn how to join the conversation. 

The Global Hunting Survey is your chance to be a part of the world community of hunters and shooters, and it won’t take longer than a coffee break to complete.

Watch this video to learn how you can be part of the conversation and help paint a more accurate picture of the modern hunter and shooter.

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The Global Hunting Survey is a great way to utilize social media’s power and connect hunters and shooters across the globe. You will learn about the bigger picture and what makes your hunting experiences unique. Plus you may be selected to receive loads of hunting and shooting gear free of charge.

If you’re asked in the Global Hunting Survey, “Would you miss a friend’s wedding to go on the hunting trip of a lifetime?” You should reply in the affirmative if it’s your honest answer.

Click this link to join the conversation: Global Hunting Survey.

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The Global Hunting Survey Launched by Fieldsports Channel [VIDEO]