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Out for Big Bass? You Should Try a Glide Bait

Angler Andre Casey has caught some big bass.

He has several videos on his YouTube videos showing him find bass using various techniques.

In this video, Casey uses a glide bait to snag a big hog.

A glide bait is a single-jointed, hard swimbait that swims with a wider S-motion in the water. It's called a glide because of its ability to pop or pull the rod and cause the bait to glide off to one side.

This action often triggers a following bass to strike. In the video, Casey uses a Hiroshima Customs 8-inch, 7-ounce Gorilla glide bait.

Using these baits has gained popularity in recent years, and if this video is any indication, bass anglers will be using them more and more.


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Out for Big Bass? You Should Try a Glide Bait