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Glacier Calving: “A Magical, Miraculous, Horrible, Scary Thing” [VIDEO]

 See the largest glacier breakup ever recorded on film. 

Film documentarians Adam LeWinter and Jeff Orlowski filmed created an historic and awe-inspiring film when they captured an absolutely monstrous breakup at the Ilulissat Glacier in western Greenland.

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The incident they were able to capture on film is known as calving, which is what happens when giant chunks of ice break off the end of a glacier. The chunks that break off become icebergs.

The entire calving lasted for about 75 minutes. The filmmakers stood vigil at the glacier for 17 days before the event occurred. The approximate size of the area that broke off was around one mile by three miles and 3,000 feet in height. To see this happen, even on film, creates a profound sense of respect and appreciation for the unmatched beauty and power of nature.

One of the filmmakers described the experience of being an eyewitness to this once-in-a-lifetime event; “It’s a magical, miraculous, horrible, scary thing. I don’t know that anybody’s really seen the miracle and horror of that.”


The filmmakers used a combination of stop-motion film, closeups and wide angle views to create an incredibly moving, breath-taking visual montage.

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The film, called “Chasing Ice,” has won over 30 awards, including an Academy Award nomination for Best Original Song, the Sundance Festival Excellence in Cinematography award and the International Press Association’s Best Documentary.


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Glacier Calving: “A Magical, Miraculous, Horrible, Scary Thing” [VIDEO]