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How to Give Wild Game as a Holiday Gift


Do something different this year and learn how to give wild game as a holiday gift.

Every year you give Aunt Doreen the same thing: a pair of driving gloves and a box of chocolates. Do something different this year and give wild game as a holiday gift.

Whether you DIY or purchase one of the tasty options from Cabela's or BassPro, you are bound to be everyone's favorite Santa.

DIY Options

If you want to make things extra special, you can make your own wild game gifts. If, that is, you are willing to part with some of that meat.

Canned venison

Give someone the gift of a great meal with a jar of homemade canned venison, find a great recipe here. Attach a small note card, decorated with holly if you're crafty, with details on how to prepare it. Maybe add a bottle of red wine, and you might even score yourself an invitation to dinner.

Image via Flickr/Cowgirl Jules
Flickr/Cowgirl Jules

Deer jerky

Homemade deer jerky is always a hit. Everyone loves its thick, smoky flavor. Bundle up packages of deer jerky in small brown paper bags, add some ribbon and a bow, and suddenly, you've got gifts for everyone on your list.

If you aren't sure how to make it, check out this easy to follow recipe.

Image via Flickr/Cowgirl Jules
Flickr/Cowgirl Jules

Smoked salmon

Considered a delicacy by some, smoked salmon has often been associated with gift giving. Instead of heading to the local butcher shop this year, learn how to make your own and give it as gifts. It's easy to do (find out how easy here) and can last a surprisingly long time, making sure your gift lasts all season.

Image via Wikimedia

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Store Bought Options

It's okay if you don't want to share your meat with others. There are plenty of store bought options that allow you to give wild game as a holiday gift.

Cabela's Wild Game Steaks

Nobody complains about these gift packages from Cabela's. With different meat options, including New Zealand elk, venison and wild boar or Buffalo and Nilgai antelope, these are sure to please any hunter with an appetite.


Cabela's Wild Game Sausage Assortment

Everyone loves summer sausage. This gift assortment includes beef, venison, wild boar, elk and buffalo, all with slightly different flavors, wrapped up into tasty summer sausages.


Hunter's Reserve Wild Game Cheese Spread

It doesn't matter who you give this cheese spread assortment to, they are bound to love it. With flavors such as Bison/Elk Chipotle, Elk Roasted Garlic, Pheasant Smoked Gouda and Venison Queso, what's not to love?


As you can see, giving wild game as a holiday gift is as easy as it gets. Whether you want to go homemade, or simply order something online, you'll be glad you did when you see the reactions this holiday season.

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How to Give Wild Game as a Holiday Gift