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"Girl Hunter Adventure Getaways" Take Urban Ladies to the Great Outdoors

Who says urbanites can't enjoy the great outdoors?

Certainly not Georgia Pellegrini, author of Girl Hunter and host of Girl Hunter Adventure Getaways, a fun weekend program to get women out of the house and back in touch with nature.

A firm believer in self-sufficiency and pioneer skills, Pellegrini offers the chance for other women with little to no hunting experience to fall in love with hunting and the outdoors as she did.

Interview with Georgia Pellegrini

Interview with Georgia PellegriniGeorgia Pellegrini: Female, Hunter, Pioneer

On the adventure getaways, women enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities including fly fishing, falconry, ATV trips, horseback riding, and, most importantly, wild game hunts. The hunts are the heart of the whole program, as women not only learn how to shoot, they learn how to gut and clean whatever they kill.

While the sight of a gutted pheasant or other game might prove to be too much for some of the ladies, the experience keeps them coming back. Pellegrini's Girl Hunter Adventure Getaways continue to attract women from as far as Texas and Canada.

Of course, the popularity of these getaways should come as no surprise. In addition to the primary goal of learning new skills and enjoying nature, the Girl Hunter Adventure Getaways are anything but rough. The ladies sleep in cabins complete with fluffy beds and satellite TV. An open bar is typically included, allowing participants to sip on cocktails after a hunt and between activities.

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One of the highlights of the getaway is the chance to cook their own game, but the entrees prepared are anything but basic. From seared quail to wild boar to chokeberry sorbet, Pellegrini brings her experience as a chef to the table to demonstrate some truly delectable ways to use wild game, as she does in her recipe-packed memoir, Girl Hunter.
Pellegrini is living proof that it's never too late in life to pick up a new passion.
Pellegrini is living proof that it's never too late in life to pick up a new passion. At the age of 32, she quit her job as an investment banker to become a chef. It was only after this that she discovered her love of hunting, which led to her book deal and periodic hunting excursions. Not only does she provide professional urban women with a much needed chance to escape into nature, she provides a fun, safe environment for beginners to discover what they can do.

Pellegrini upcoming book, Modern Pioneering, will expand on her love of the outdoors with more day-to-day functions, such as how to make lip gloss from beet juice or how to use a compass. If Girl Hunter was a book of empowerment, Modern Pioneering will be one of self-sufficiency.

In addition to publishing and leading outdoor adventures, Pellegrini's website offers recipes, how-tos, articles, and interviews for anyone interested in the outdoors and the pioneer lifestyle.

For anyone who ever doubted that women can not only hunt but enjoy doing so, Pellegrini proves that anyone with an interest in hunting can do so successfully, no matter their age or level of experience.

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"Girl Hunter Adventure Getaways" Take Urban Ladies to the Great Outdoors