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This Girl Gets It: Gun Control From the Mouth of a Teen [VIDEO]

When it comes to gun control, this 15-year-old girl knows her stuff and isn’t afraid to tell legislators what she thinks.

If you want your voice to be heard, you must speak your thoughts. And that’s exactly what this 15-year-old teen from Maryland did.

Sarah Merkle, a sophomore in high school when the video was filmed, presented the following three-minute speech to her state legislature in 2013.

Hear her share some of the most frank, honest thoughts on gun control you’ll ever come across.

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Merkle is an active member and secretary of the Maryland Rifle Club, and has been a practicing sport shooter for most of her life. She voices her concern, explaining that with strict gun-control laws, the legislation is only punishing law-abiding citizens.

“Guns are not the problem. People are. Purging our society of violence and murder cannot be done by gun-control legislation,” Merkle said.

Merkle goes on to say she fears losing Second Amendment rights, and describes how the legislation may impact not only her ability to practice shooting, but her chance to go to college on a scholarship.

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This Girl Gets It: Gun Control From the Mouth of a Teen [VIDEO]