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Girl Catches Her First Trout and It's a Beauty

This Youtube Channel host takes his family fishing, and his sister catches her first trout.

Filmed in Ellicott City, Maryland, on the Patapsco River, this video documents a girl's first trout catch and it's an amazing specimen.

Watch as she, under her brother's wing, is guided to a beautiful catch most anglers would be jealous of, and it's her first trout.

There's nothing like going fishing with family and helping one of them catch a "first fish." In this video, this angler was able to help his sister catch her first trout using a pink worm.

Since it was her first trout, she didn't know how to handle it and dropped it hard. He was forced to harvest it and killed it before it suffered for too long.

Consider having your family members join you on your next angling adventure, especially if they've never gone before. No matter where you go fishing, remember to remain compliant with regional regulations and be sure to stay safe.

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Girl Catches Her First Trout and It's a Beauty