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Girl Blows Gun Rep’s Mind with Incredible Accuracy [VIDEO]


Girl nails target over and over with incredible accuracy with the Springfield RO 9mm at SHOT Show.

For a long time the gun sporting world was dominated by mostly men. That has changed in recent years, as more and more woman have begun to get in on the action themselves, even showing guys up on more than one occasion with how good of a shot they can be.

YouTube host Destinee is no stranger to guns and has numerous videos to prove it. While at the 2014 SHOT Show, she stopped by the Springfield Armory booth to check out their new RO 9mm, and proceeded to blow the rep’s mind with her accuracy.

Destinee has accuracy that’s impressive, to say the least. I have seen people who frequent the range weekly who aren’t as good a shot as her.

I really just love how awestruck the Springfield rep was after she got done shooting the first time. You could tell starting out that he likely had some doubts.

To all the dads out there with little girls, show them this video. Give them something to strive for and a great role model to look up to.

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Girl Blows Gun Rep’s Mind with Incredible Accuracy [VIDEO]