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Giraffe Takes Revenge on Killer Lion [VIDEO]

A giraffe takes revenge on a lion by stomping it to the ground.

In this amazing footage, the giraffe gets revenge on the lion that attacked, killed, and ate her baby. There is no doubt, after this video, that one kick from a giraffe can be deadly. Check this out:

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This is a classic example of nature’s “kill or be killed” system. Unfortunately, the giraffe suffered a tragedy with the loss of her baby, but she makes sure the same lion never gets another chance at killing.

She repeatedly stomps and kicks the lion, and I’ve got to think there is no way any animal would be able to survive the power of her strikes.

What did you think of this giraffe’s revenge? Share your reaction in the comments below!

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Giraffe Takes Revenge on Killer Lion [VIDEO]