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The Gigantic .458 Socom Can Be Fired From an AR-15

.458 socom

This giant round can be fired from an AR-15 and it has some legit power.

The .458 Socom was created because it was believed that the regular 5.56 didn’t have enough knock down power to stop enemies with one hit. So they created this very, very big bullet and it looks like a beast.

Who would have thought you could fire that large of a load through your AR-15?

The .458 Socom is seven times bigger than the regular 5.56, and it doesn’t disappoint.

With a few simple parts, you can convert any AR into shooting the .458. But remember, this load is much larger than most and it will be hard on your gun with heavy usage.

Bracing for a kick, Demolition Ranch fires a few rounds for us and shows the knock down power on his target which is rated for a .50 BMG.

Heavy artillery, the .458 Socom is one bad dude.

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The Gigantic .458 Socom Can Be Fired From an AR-15