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Gifts to Get Kids Into Hunting

Getting kids into hunting is something that generally happens when parents take their kids out into the woods and show them the ropes of the sport. These activities can involve lessons in respecting nature and animals, tips about how to go about a hunt, and all-around great bonding opportunities for parents and their children.

With all of this in mind, just about the ultimate gift for getting your child into hunting is an apprentice hunting license, which allows kids to tag along with their licensed parents, siblings, or other relatives to learn about hunting. However, since most hunting seasons are over – or almost over – by the time the holiday season roles around, you will probably have to get a little more creative this Christmas if you want your gifts to instill a lifelong love of hunting. Luckily, we’ve compiled a few great gift ideas below that can help you to get on the right track.

Bear Crusader Archery Set: Thanks to movies like “The Hunger Games” and “The Avengers,” archery is hugely popular right now, and if you want to spark an interest for hunting in your kids, a bow and arrow might be the best way to do it. This archery set, made by Bear – one of the most trusted names in archery – and available for only $39.99, includes a nice starter bow, arrows, a quiver, a pair of safety glasses, and a target. In short, it’s everything you will need to set up a shooting range in your backyard and teach your children how to shoot.

crusaderPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

Toys: Sometimes, the best way to get your kids interested in something is to give them a few toys that glorify the fun of it all. That’s especially true for hunting, where games and toys can spark a thirst in children to experience the real thing. For example, the Hunter Dan Thunderbolt Action Rifle ($39.99) opens possibilities for both indoor and outdoor target shooting. The toy gun fires small rubber bullets in realistic and accurate fashion, making it the perfect prelude to a true hunting experience.

hunter danPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

For kids who want a bit more of a virtual experience, the Big Buck Hunter Pro Plug ‘n Play Game ($49.99) is easy to hook up to your TV and allows two players to shoot at does and bucks in a classic arcade-like environment.

big buck hunterPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Clothing and Gear: If you are ready to take your child out as your hunting apprentice – or better, if your kids are ready to apply for youth hunting licenses of their own – then take this holiday season as an opportunity to deck them out in hunting clothing and gear.

There are plentiful options to choose from in this gift category, so feel free to get creative and choose whatever catches your eye. An orange blaze vest, or a vest and hat combo can be practical gifts that your kids will enjoy. Elsewhere, the RedHead company offers a nice selection of competitively priced youth camouflage boots, rain jackets, sweatshirts, and more that will help to flesh out your child’s burgeoning hunting wardrobe for next fall.


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Gifts to Get Kids Into Hunting