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10 Awesome Gifts to Get Dad Out On the Water

Looking for gifts to get dad?

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Father’s Day is right around the corner, and many of us are still wondering what sort of gift our old man would really want. The key is getting him something he’ll use frequently, and of course, force him outside to enjoy the great outdoors.

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In our opinion, even if he’s not an avid angler, any dad would appreciate the kind of gift that gets him out on the lake, river or ocean this summer. We’ve collected 10 great ideas from our friends at Moosejaw, and think any one of them would make an awesome Father’s Day gift.

View the slideshow to see our suggestions, and don’t forget, Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15.

1. Surftech Generator Bamboo SUP

If you or your dad haven’t tried a stand up paddle board yet, what are you waiting for? It’s taking the watersports world by storm, and provides a great way to enjoy the lake and get a decent workout.

This Surftech Generator Bamboo SUP is an ideal introductory board, because it provides plenty of stability and is able to excel in ocean waves. It was designed by professional surfboard shapers, who know a thing or two about standing on a board in the water.

2. Surftech Adjustable Aluminum SUP Paddle

If you get him a board, he’s going to need a paddle That’s where the Surftech Adjustable SUP Paddle steps in, with its strong yet lightweight shaft and customizable length capabilities.

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3. BIC Sport Carbon SUP Paddle

Another great paddle option is the BIC Sport Carbon, which is available in adjustable or cut-to-length options. Carbon equals weight reduction and strength, so you know you’ll be covered in those areas.

4. Necky Manitou 14 Kayak

Now then, let’s get to the really good stuff. This Necky Manitou 14 Kayak is a thing of beauty, with its Active Comfort System seat and adjustable thigh braces. Add some quick seal hatches and bulkheads for plenty of dry storage, and a day on the water just got a whole lot better.

The kayak is 14 feet, 4 inches long with a width of 2 feet, and weighs just under 50 pounds.

5. Adventure Technology Odyssey Glass Kayak Paddle

You can’t kayak without a paddle (not successfully, at least), so look to the straight shaft Adventure Technology Odyssey Glass Kayak Paddle. It’s made of fiberglass and comes with a slightly larger than normal blade, perfect for adding power without the flutter.

This is an ideal paddle for a dad who wants easier rolling, additional stability, and a better grip in the water.

6. Advanced Elements Lagoon 1 Kayak

If a true kayak seems a little steep in price, look at this inflatable Advanced Elements Lagoon 1 Kayak for a less expensive option.

It’s 8 feet, 4 inches long with a 34-inch width. The best part? It folds down to 29 by 18 by 5 inches for great portability.

7. Sea to Summit Canoe Cart / Trolley

Feel the need to give your dad a useful way to transport a kayak, canoe or sit-on-top? With the Sea to Summit Canoe Cart / Trolley, moving things from the car to the water, or the car to the storage area is a cinch.

The large tires will get over sandy or rough ground with ease and the hypalon straps will last longer than nylon.

8. Sea to Summit Access Deck Bag

If you are kayaking anywhere but a tiny pond, you’re going to want some equipment, water, and other essentials with you. Not only will they put your mind at ease in case of emergency, but they can generally make a trip on the water more fun.

But, you need a place to keep that stuff. That’s where the Sea to Summit Access Deck Bag comes in, which would make a great accessory gift along with your dad’s new kayak.

9. SealLine Paddle Float

Any kayaker who spends enough time in their craft will end up flipping it. It’s a matter of percentages. But, a paddle float is one of the wisest and most important pieces of safety equipment there is when it comes to self rescuing.

The SealLine Paddle Float should be in every kayaker’s gear. Seriously, don’t get your dad his first kayak without adding one of these.

10. SealLine Seal Pak

On the water or not, your father could use a good pack for when he’s in the great outdoors. The SealLine Seal Pak has a design borrowed from delivery cyclists, with a watertight roll down closure.

He’ll be able to keep everything he needs for a bike ride to the park, a day hike into the mountains, or anything in between.

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