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10 Perfect Gifts for the Ohio Deer Hunter

These gifts will keep that Ohio hunter in your life happy.

These 10 gifts ideas will keep you in the good graces of the Ohio hunter.

10. Leupold BX-1 Yosemite 6×30 Binoculars

Leupold quality, at a price of $109.99.


9. HME Screw In Drink Holder Ring

The perfect gift for any treestand hunter. Only $3.99.


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8. FoodSaver Game Saver Deluxe Plus Vacuum Sealing System

Great way to protect harvested game from freezer burn. Sale Price $139.99.


7. Nikon Arrow ID 5000 Rangefinder

With the allowance of straight walled cartridges and rifles this year in Ohio, range knowledge is essential. Give them a great gift they’ll definitely use. Price $279.99.


6. Ameristep Bone Collector Ground Blind

Hide your hunter well in any Ohio terrain or weather. Price $179.99.


5. Hornady Leverevolution .45-70 325 Grain Flex Tip Ammunition

Legal now for Ohio deer, the .45-70 cartridge has gained even more deer-dropping power and ballistics in Hornady’s offering. Sale Price $28.99.


4. Buttstock Elastic Rifle Ammunition Carrier

Stop losing your cartridges in the snow and mud, and keep them with your gun. Price $5.99.


3. Rutt Wipe Blaze Orange Toilet Paper

Who wouldn’t want to open a gift like this? Sale Price $3.97.


2. Hunter’s Specialties i-Kam Xtreme Video Eyewear

Record that hunt of a lifetime with ease. Sale Price $89.99.


1. The Heater Body Suit

Never miss a day out hunting due to cold. Best present for the hunter that hates Ohio winters, but loves to hunt. Price $359.95.

Hunter Body Suit

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10 Perfect Gifts for the Ohio Deer Hunter