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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Shooter in Your Life [PICS]

Looking for a Christmas Gift for that special shooter in your life? Here are some ideas.


That's right. Halloween is over and Christmas is now looming before us. Pretty soon there will be snow, Christmas trees, decorations and carolers everywhere. The Season of Gift Giving is soon to be upon us.

Now is the perfect time to start your gift shopping if you haven't already. Sometimes finding the right gift for a person is the hardest part of the holidays. Is it something they want/need/can use?

I'll let you in on a little secret. It's not the actual gift itself, it's the thought behind it that makes it special. Especially for that special shooter in your life. Finding something they don't already have can be a nightmare. However, here are 10 ideas of things you can get for them they will appreciate.

Check out the slideshow for 10 best gift ideas for the shooter this Christmas Season.

Range Bag


To start off with, your shooter needs something to be able to carry all their gear too and from the range so they need a good range bag. A range bag for a shooter is the place where all things shooting related usually end up some how so it needs to be large and comfortable to carry with plenty of room for everything. This will be the staple of the range for them. This is always a good buy for your special shooter.

Winchester Train/Defend Ammo


Once they have something that they can carry all their stuff in to the range, now they need something to shoot. Try getting them some of the Winchester Train/Defend Ammo. This ammo is designed to be cheaper for the training ammo, but allow the shooter to shoot ammo that is very close to what they would shoot defensively. With ammo still being a little scarce, this is worth it's weight in gold and your special shooter would appreciate any ammo you got them.

Fun Targets

Birchwood Casey

Now that they have something to shoot, they will need something to shoot at. Enter some fun targets from Birchwood-Casey. The one shown is their Battle at Sea Dirty Bird target line. This is a game played exactly like battle ship. Each player chooses a color and then shoots at the opposite color trying to "sink" all the opposing players boats. It's fun and fast paced and allows shooters to practice accurate shooting. There are many other Dirty Bird Game targets available from Birchwood-Casey as well. These Battle at Sea targets can be found at Cabela's and many other places.

Wooden Cleaning Kit


After spending a day at the range with any of the previous gifts, your special shooter will need to clean their guns. A perfect gift for that would be a cleaning kit like this one from Cabela's. This 35 piece cleaning kit has all the tools needed to clean a gun. This is a great gift for a kid to give to a parent or grandparent that they would cherish for years and even pass down to them later in life.

OTIS Range Cleaning Kit


Sometimes, they are not able to wait till they get home to clean their guns. If there is a malfunction during a competition or at the range during training, stopping everything to go home and clean a gun can be a big hassle. Bringing all your cleaning supplies is a huge hassle too, so here is another option. An OTIS Cleaning Kit from Cabela's is small enough to throw into a range bag and take with them to the range every time in case they need to do a quick cleaning of their guns.

Gun Vice


Cleaning rifles and shotguns can be a pain. Mounting scopes even harder. Something that your special shooter needs this Christmas is a Tipton Gun Vice. This will allow them to have the rifle or shotgun mounted in such a way that makes cleaning and working on the gun easier and more efficient.

Laser Bore Sighter


After working on the gun or mounting a scope on the Gun Vice you got them, they will need to sight in the new scope they just got. A Laser Bore Sighter is a great tool to help them get the scope zeroed on point of impact. The universal kind are great as they can be used in any and all guns to help make sure they are zeroed properly. This one from LaserLyte can be gotten at MidwayUSA and other retailers.

SIRT Training Pistol


If ammo is hard to come by, or your special shooter is looking for an alternative to spending time on the range, Mike Hughes over at Next Level Training has your answer. The SIRT Training pistol is a training pistol equipped with 2 lasers and is fully functional other then accepting ammunition. This pistol allows you to work on all sorts of Dry Fire Drills to improve in all areas of shooting. Draws, Trigger control, Sight alignment, Competition. You name it the SIRT can help with it. This has been a top want for a lot of people for a while.

Principles of Personal Defense


If your shooter is a voracious reader, then this is a great book to add to their gun library. Written by Col. Jeff Cooper, Principles of Personal Defense is still considered a must read for anyone who carries a gun on a daily basis. Tactics, training and mindset are all essential things this book covers. This book is available as both a hard and softcover book as well as available for Kindle from Amazon.

Stryker Assault Vehicle


A Stryker Assault Vehicle. OK so maybe this one is a little far fetched, but admit it. This would look WAY cool parked in your driveway.

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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Shooter in Your Life [PICS]