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Gift Guide for the Late-Season Deer Hunter

You know the late season hunter: the person in your life who will get up early in the morning to hit the woods and chase some deer, even if the thermometer read-out is in single digits, the snow is up to your knees, and the wind is whipping at 20 miles per hour. Some die-hard hunters can simply not be stopped, no matter what Mother Nature throws their way. However, in order to hunt late into the season and into the winter weather patterns, a hunter needs the kind of wardrobe and gear arsenal that can withstand those extreme conditions. So if there’s a late-season hunter on your holiday shopping list this year, think “warm” when you head out to buy something for them.

Ground Blinds: While most hunters prefer to set up in a treestand for the bulk of deer season – due to increased visibility radius and better aiming opportunities – there comes a time when the wind, snow, and cold make sitting out in the open at all – let alone up in a tree – incredibly dangerous. Therefore, if you know someone who is going to hunt late into the season in a particularly chilly or snowy locale, consider getting them a warm and stable ground blind.

Ameristep offers a range of great, warm, durable, and generally affordable blinds. The Bone Collector blind ($169.99) is one of our favorites, with windows on all sides that give a hunter a 360 degree shooting radius. However, cheaper blinds can do the jobs of keeping a hunter warm, hiding their scent, and concealing their movements. The Ameristep Doghouse ($69.99) or the Brickhouse ($129.99) offer similar levels of stability, durability, and overall wind protection to the Bone Collector. They lack the all-sides visibility, but they also lack the extra dollar bills.

ameristepPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Warm Clothes: It goes without saying that a hunter hoping to charge headfirst into the cold and late part of the season is going to need a few very warm and insulated clothing options. Our choice for warm, comfortable, wind-stopping clothing comes from the aptly-named Sitka Fanatic line, which includes a jacket ($389.99), a pair of bibs ($369.99), and a vest ($199.99) that together form the perfect winter warrior hunting armor. Sitka designed the products for all-day bowhunters, but rifle carriers and shotgun blasters will love these gear designs as well.

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.03.15 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.03.33 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 5.03.59 PMPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Other Miscellany: Beyond the blind and the basic clothing options, there are plenty of things that a cold weather, late season hunter may also be interested in adding to their arsenal. For instance, the HotHands Cold Weather Pack ($14.99) can be a great thing to have in pinch, featuring hand warmers, foot warmers, super warmers, and even an emergency space blanket.

hot handsPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

The Code Blue EliminX Xtreme Cold Weather Scent Control Spray ($13.99) can be another great gift if you are shopping on a limited budget. The spray is specially designed to work in environments as cold as 0 degrees Fahrenheit. In other words, it won’t freeze in the bottle or turn to ice crystals as you are spraying it.

code bluePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Gift Guide for the Late-Season Deer Hunter