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Gift Guide for Your Hunting Girlfriend

Oregon Bow Hunters

Can’t figure out what to get your girl for the holidays? Check out our gift guide for the hunting girlfriend.

Let’s face it, shopping’s a pain in the butt. Between the busy stores, the crazy shoppers and not knowing what to buy, it feels like a waste of time and does nothing but frustrate you.

Well, we’re trying to make holiday shopping easier than ever. Check out our gift guide for the girlfriend to get plenty of ideas on items she’ll love to find under the tree.

Cabela’s OutfitHER Dry-Plus 4-in-1 Parka

Available from Cabela’s

Women like to look good, even when they’re in the woods or on a hunt, and this Parka makes it easy. With a removable liner and Silent Suede outer shell, it’s perfect no matter what the weather.

Cabela’s OutfitHER Dry-Plus Insulated Pants

Available from Cabela’s

Water-proof, breathable and warm, these pants keep your lady warm even in the coldest of conditions. Their tear resistant fabric and reinforced knees mean that she can can hang with the boys and hunt hard all day long.

Cabela’s Women’s Varsity Logo Hoodie

Available from Cabela’s

Whether she wears it in the woods or at the mall, your girlfriend is bound to love this hoodie from Cabela’s. Made from warm fleece, it’s available in three different camo patterns, allowing her to wear the Cabela’s name with pride.

Cabela’s Women’s Heated Performance Camo Vest

Available from Cabela’s

With a microprocessor built right into the vest, this is top of the line technology to keep you girlfriend warm on those frigid mornings. With strategically placed heat packs to create complete upper body warmth, there’s no reason she can’t join you in the woods.

Cabela’s OutfitHER Bug Skinz Pants

Available from Cabela’s

These bug repellent, wicking pants are great for layering or lounging around the house. Fitting like a second skin, your girlfriend will love them because of how they feel. You’ll love them for how they fit.

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Mad Bomber Women’s Teal Logo Hat

Available from Cabela’s

Made from rabbit fur, this water resistant hat will keep her head warm and dry. The adjustable ear flaps make sure she has the added comfort when needed. Available in florescent orange, white or green camo, she’ll be ready to go anywhere.

Under Armour Women’s Military Cap

Available from Cabela’s

Great for spring and fall hunting, your girlfriend will love this military-inspired camo hat. With its HeatGear sweatband, it wicks moisture away, allowing her to wear it all day in the field and woods.

Cabela’s Women’s OutfitHER Extreme Glomitts

Available from Cabela’s

These gloves are designed for the cold. Two hundred gram Thinsulate keeps her hands warm and the breathable fabric keeps them dry. With the combination of mitten and glove, she’ll be ready to shoot no matter what comes along.

Cabela’s Women’s Fleece Neck Gaiter

Available from Cabela’s 

Give your girlfriend the gift of convenience with this gaiter. Not only warm and comfortable, there is no more hassle dealing with scarfs unwrapping or getting tight. This is perfect for hunting, skiing or just playing in the snow.

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Gift Guide for Your Hunting Girlfriend