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Gift Guide for the Fly Tying Aficionado

There’s nothing quite like catching a fish with a fly you tied yourself. The feeling of accomplishment is pretty special, and fly tying is an art unto itself. Mastering the art can be rewarding for beginners and pros alike, especially considering the equipment’s availability in today’s marketplace.

In years past, tying your own flies usually involved a visit to a specialized shop and a limited selection of materials, tools and supplies. These days the Internet makes it incredibly easy to search for, find, purchase and receive everything you need to hit the water with homemade flies, destined to attach themselves to salmon or trout lips.

Take a look at these suggestions for the fly tying aficionado, and consider them as gift ideas this holiday season. Help an avid fisherman increase his arsenal, or introduce a rookie to the joys of DIY fishing. Either way, you’ll be putting a smile on an angler’s face when they open up these presents.

The White River Fly Shop WR-Emerger Fly Tying Bench with Vise, Tools and Material Kit is a great all-inclusive set up to start your own fly tying, and comes complete with all the equipment needed for basic fly creation. The hardwood contraption turns any desk into a fly tying lab, and includes a pedestal vise mount and an adjustable tension, cam-lever AA fly tying vise. It also features all the essential tying tools and an instructional book.

white river fly shopPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

A collection of White River Fly Shop All-Purpose Curve Shank Fly Hooks would also make a great gift, giving fly fishermen a great all-around hook to use when creating their ties. They are chemically sharpened and made of high-carbon steel, with a lifelike pattern great for giving any tie a realistic pose.

white river hookPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

A bottle of gloss coat will be needed by anglers looking to add an element of durability and shine to their ties. It can also be used as a cover coat for fluorescent lacquers. The applicator will prevent clogging and drying.

gloss coatPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

These Painted Lead Dumbbell Eyes can add weight and genuine appearance to most streamer, bass, salt and salmon patterns. They come in packs of ten and will prevent the need for painting since they come in a variety of colors.

painted dumbellPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Some TNT Rubber Hopper Legs will also come in handy for an angler looking to mimic the kind of bait fish go nuts for. Molded from actual grasshopper legs, these will add realism and enhance your favorite terrestrial patterns.

tnt rubberPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Of course, if the angler on your shopping list is looking to get creative, some Ringneck Pheasant Skin Tying Material may be just the thing. It can be used for all types of flies and create a shimmer that game fish can’t resist.

ringneckPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Gift Guide for the Fly Tying Aficionado