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Gift Guide for the Camping Enthusiast

In need of a gift guide for camping fans? You’ve come to the right place.

It may be hard to believe right now, as the world tilts toward the shortest day of its current cycle, but spring is actually not that far off. Certainly, winter always feels markedly longer than the rest of the year, but once we are into January, spring camping enthusiasts will already be counting down the days until their weather warms up enough for the year’s first camping trip.

With that in mind, Christmas can actually be a great time to shop for the springtime camping enthusiast in your life. Believe us: if the gifts are great, that person won’t care that they can’t use them for a few months. If anything, your gift will get that person more excited than ever about the year’s first camping adventure. Just make sure the gift isn’t so good that they jump the gun: it’s cold and snowy out there, and camping can wait a few more months.

The Campsite Shower: In the old days, it used to be that when you went camping, you just skipped the shower for a few days. Now, it’s tough to get our kids to agree to our old definition of roughing it, and one of the innovations to come along as a result is the portable campsite shower, which brings new opportunities for personal hygiene into the wild with us.

The Guide Gear Pop Up Privacy Shelter ($39.99) is a great and inexpensive purchase that can double as a changing room and a shower. It’s got a five-gallon shower system that heats water using solar energy, and is easy to tear down and carry to the next campsite. In short, it might just be the easiest campsite shower on the market.

shelter with campPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

The Tent: Temperatures can vary quite a bit in the early spring, ranging from summery feeling 50s and 60s to bitter cold nights in the 30s or below. With that in mind, the Texsport Cliff Hanger 3 Season Backpacking Tent ($54.99) is the perfect one-person adventure tent for unpredictable weather. It doesn’t have the winter wind protection – or the price – of more durable four season tents, but it has enough customizability to be used in temperatures both blazingly hot and surprisingly chilly. It also only weighs about three and a half pounds, making it one of most portable tents on the market.

cliff hangerPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

The Extras: A campsite with a shower and a tent is almost a full living space, but not quite. Use these gift ideas to close the gap.

Cajun Injector Double Burner Gas Stove ($59.99): You can’t cook everything on a campfire or a grill, and a frequent camper will likely want to add versatility to his or her dining options. This affordable and portable stove is a great way to do just that.

gas stovePhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

d. light S300 Solar Lantern/Phone Charger ($49.99): Getting truly “off the grid” when going camping is no longer a possibility. We are tied to our smartphones today for contact with work, friends, and family, and its tough to cut off that contact when we go camping for a week. Cellphones can also make camping safer, since you can call someone for help in the case of an emergency. However, phone batteries die quickly, and a frequent camper needs something like this – a solar-powered lantern and cellphone charger – to strike a consistent balance between staying connected and getting off the grid.

s300 solar lanternPhoto via Sportsman’s Guide

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Gift Guide for the Camping Enthusiast