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This Giant Wasp Nest is the Stuff of Nightmares

wasp nest

Even a small wasp nest is something to avoid, but this giant nest of yellow jackets is absolutely terrifying.

The yellow jacket: everyone’s least favorite backyard and BBQ-ruining, flying, biting, stinging, aggressive pest. Did I mention they are aggressive? The bottom line is that just about everyone has had an encounter with a yellow jacket at some point in their lives.

A wasp nest is usually a small structure commonly found along the eaves of buildings and other solid structures. A little bug spray and the problem is taken care of if you decide to not just leave it alone. Well, I don’t care if you had an entire case of bug spray for the wasp nest in this video.

Standing at least four feet tall, the wasp nest in this video is absolutely gigantic. The buzzing sound emanating from the angry swarm will unnerve just about anyone.

Except for the guy filming the video who dons a bee suit and approaches the nest. This does not please the yellow jackets inside.

The giant wasp nest in this video looks like it came straight out of some sort of horror movie. If you are ever out in the woods and hear a strange buzzing sound, it would be wise to avoid investigating.

Just when Florida residents thought they only had to worry about alligators and snakes…


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This Giant Wasp Nest is the Stuff of Nightmares