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Giant Vortex Cannon Knocks Down Less-Than-Impressive Targets [VIDEO]

Imagine a giant, invisible smoke ring. That's what a vortex cannon shoots. 

I admit, the targets the vortex cannon takes out in this video aren't very impressive. First a house of straw, then one of sticks, and finally, one of brick. Stacked bricks, without mortar, but bricks nonetheless.

Kind of a high tech version of "The Three Little Pigs."


How does a vortex cannon work? It creates a circular pressure wave, usually by a flexible membrane pulled taught then released against a tube. In the model shown in the video the pressure wave is created by rapid combustion - a small explosion.

There was a hand-held vortex cannon toy sold in the late 1960s by the Wham-O corporation, and today you can buy an Airzooka vortex cannon.

So maybe the power of this vortex cannon won't blow you over. But it is an interesting concept.

At least the guy shooting the cannon gets really excited!


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Giant Vortex Cannon Knocks Down Less-Than-Impressive Targets [VIDEO]