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Giant Stingray Shot by Alabama Bowfisherman [VIDEO]

This giant stingray shot in Alabama reminds us of something...

We're not sure if this is technically a record for stingray bowfishing, but what we DO know is that stingrays look like Imperial Star Destroyers. And that makes these guys from a Dustin Mizell video the Han Solos of Alabama bowfishing.

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History has a long history of famous, awesome archers. Robin Hood. William Tell. Jennifer Lawrence.

You get the idea. Know what else is awesome? Fishing. We think it's safe to say that fishing is pretty darn great.

Consequently, bowfishing is undeniably awesome. You shoot fish with a bow. What's not to like?

And believe it or not, yes, you can eat stingray, if you prepare it correctly.

Step one: shoot a giant stingray with a bow. Step two: Eat it.

Stingray Curry, anyone? Almost as cool as shooting fish out of the air.

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Giant Stingray Shot by Alabama Bowfisherman [VIDEO]