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Giant Squid Plays Slip 'n Slide on Boat Deck

Several commercial fishermen want to get a photo with a giant squid they caught, but the rocking boat has other ideas as the slippery beast keeps sliding away from them.

No one was getting sea sick in this video as an attempt by a group of commercial fishermen to snap a photograph of them with a giant squid was thwarted by a rocking boat. Oof, I'm almost getting motion sickness just watching it.

The squid is a monster. I'm guessing it's 8-10 feet long when fully extended. Five kneeling fishermen don't quite cover it and its tentacles are all twisted up.

The men laugh as the rough ocean causes the boat to rock violently and the slippery squid - and men - slide from starboard to port side of the boat. And back again...and back again. One man practically rides the squid into the starboard side rail, laughing all the way.

Some may call this animal cruelty as the dead squid slides back and forth, eventually coming apart a little bit from slamming into the side with the rolling sea. But it can't be helped and the men have all they can do to maintain their own balance.

They have a good time with it nonetheless, and it's a happy boat. Maybe they had squid for dinner that night! Although with all of the rocking and getting tossed by the waves I don't know how they could keep anything down.

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Giant Squid Plays Slip 'n Slide on Boat Deck