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Giant Shrimp Found in Florida [VIDEO]

This half-pound shrimp could feed almost an entire family! 

Shrimpers in Florida recently pulled a half-pound shrimp out of the St. Johns River.

This massive shrimp is actually a tiger shrimp, which is a non-native, invasive shrimp. It has popped up more frequently along the East Coast since a hurricane came through and set free a captive population.

This is the first of its kind seen on the St. Johns River.

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Bruce Nipper is the owner of Trout River Fish Company, which landed the giant shrimp, and he had a few things to say about this amazing catch.

"When you throw him on (the scale), you'll see that shrimp stands out," exclaimed Nipper. "He's huge, he's huge. A half a pound shrimp is a huge shrimp."

This is the biggest shrimp one of Nipper's boats has ever caught, so he has something special in mind to commemorate this event.

"Saturday night when we close, we're going to eat it," he said. "We're going to see what it taste like ourselves."

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Giant Shrimp Found in Florida [VIDEO]