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Giant Sea Creature? Icequake? What Was "The Bloop?" [Video]

It's scary how much of our oceans are completely unexplored.

In 1997, an array of hydrophones, special underwater microphones used by scientists to study happenings under the ocean, detected an extremely loud and low frequency sound that was able to be heard more than 3000 miles away from its source.

What lies beneath might frighten and astonish you. Check this Strange Mysteries video out:

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Due to the frequency signature, marine biologists believe the sound was not man made or due to any underwater volcanic or seismic activity. It sounds like some sort of underwater mammal, like a blue whale. But it can't be a blue whale, because the loudest sound detected by a blue whale could only reach a little under 1000 miles... thus, whatever it was that caused this sound has to be several times larger than any blue whale.

Assuming it was an animal, marine biologists speculate that it would be about the size of the Eiffel Tower.

More recently, the idea of an icequake was introduced as the culprit of this sound. An icequake is created by the cracking and melting off glaciers into the ocean. But Dr. Christopher Fox of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, who originally proposed this, has since gone back on his statement, saying he thinks it was some gigantic unknown organism.

The truth is, we'll probably never know what really caused "The Bloop." At least not until one of you fine outdoorsmen and women goes out there and "bags" it.

What do you think the Bloop was? Do you agree with the legends? Share below.

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Giant Sea Creature? Icequake? What Was "The Bloop?" [Video]