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Giant Sawfish Caught in the Florida Keys [VIDEO]

You just don’t see giant sawfish that often, especially one caught fishing.

On a fishing trip with Get Bent Charters out of Layton, Florida, a rare giant sawfish was captured on video after it was brought to the boat by one of the anglers on board.

In this video by Teresa Schwarz, you are about to see one of these rare fish recently brought up from the depths. It was estimated at a whopping 14 feet long, weighing over 1,000 pounds!

Caution: there is strong language in this video so use discretion when watching.

Sawfish are in the ray family and closely resemble sharks. Unfortunately, all species of sawfish are either listed as endangered, or critically endangered as their numbers have dropped drastically over the years.

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Giant Sawfish Caught in the Florida Keys [VIDEO]