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Giant Rattlesnake Killed in Arkansas Measures Nearly 10 Feet in Length [VIDEO]

A giant rattlesnake estimated to be between eight and ten feet in length was killed in Arkansas by a man who said it attacked his dog.

A western diamondback rattlesnake was killed in West Hartford, Arkansas by a landowner near Poteau Mountain.

Steve White said that the snake attacked his two dogs, one of which died, which prompted him to kill the snake and take pictures afterward.

The pictures subsequently made the rounds on social media and caused quite the stir.

Rattlesnakes of that species usually grow to between four and five feet long, but bigger ones have been reported over the years.

Pet store owner Dan Jones said that diamondback rattlesnakes are fairly easy to identify by their slanted eyes and diamond-shaped head.

Jones went on to say that some snakes in Arkansas should be welcomed by landowners because they are beneficial in controlling rodents and even other venomous snakes adding, "A king snake will kill copperheads and rattlesnakes. So if you see speckled king snakes, you actually want those on your property."

At this time, it is illegal to kill such a snake in Arkansas unless deemed an imminent threat of danger.

As a family pet was attacked and one reportedly killed, the threat was certainly there.

Picture via Antler Addicts/Facebook

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Giant Rattlesnake Killed in Arkansas Measures Nearly 10 Feet in Length [VIDEO]