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Giant Rat Mistaken for a Dead Cat! [Pics]

There are giant rats, then there is this giant rat. Here’s a photo that will make you afraid to go out at night.

A freakishly giant rat has been discovered, and killed, just outside of London.

In a story that sounds like a classic urban legend, the man who took the pictures reported that it came from his sister’s friend’s house, who called exterminators after she heard something large moving around in her shed.


Aaron Slade, the man who originally shared this photo and the story of the giant rat, was interviewed by the Mirror about the incident.

“Everybody was shocked. It was completely surreal and its teeth were massive,” said Slade. “It looked quite nasty. It looked like it was wet at first and it had long fur. It was like the size of a cat. I actually thought it was a dead cat.”

According to the interview, it appeared the rat had made a nest in the shed and ate fishing bait all day, which allowed it to grow to such a monstrous size.

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Giant Rat Mistaken for a Dead Cat! [Pics]