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This Attack is Why You Should Never Seek out a Huge Python

Never assume a python is slow just because they are big like these guys did.

Many people assume that a large, normally slow moving animal can’t be fast. This holds especially true when it comes to large snakes like a python.

After two young boys reported seeing a massive python on a game farm in South Africa, the man filming had to see it. The snake laid there lazily as the men approached, but things changed as they got too close.

The snake lunges out at him with surprising speed making them run for the hills as it escapes.

I will never understand why people like to approach animals, especially large ones, so carelessly. I guess they just lack the common sense to realize the danger they are putting themselves in.

One thing for sure that snake showed them it was not in the mood to be messed with. If he had been a second slower he would have been fighting a snake off instead of laughing about it.

I am pretty sure he will think twice about approaching anything that close again. I hope others see this and follow suit.


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This Attack is Why You Should Never Seek out a Huge Python