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Giant Python Photographed in Queesland Could Eat a Child

image via Courier Mail

When people talk about a giant python, this is what they mean. 

Recently, a biker was making his way down a very popular trail in Nerang National Park, which is on Queensland's Gold Coast, when he saw something he almost couldn't believe.

Luckily, he had his cell phone with him and was able to take pictures of a giant python so big, it could eat a child.


Since this picture has surfaced, authorities have been on the lookout to capture this snake. Experts are predicting this giant python could be as large as 16 feet!

"Carpet pythons are generally around the two-metre mark but this one could be up to four metres," said wildlife expert Dan Bamblett in a interview with Courier Mail. "It's definitely a snake for the X-Files. Based solely on the girth of the snake in the photo, I would say it's quite a big one. I suppose it could be up to 5m long but it's hard to tell and it would be rare."

Luckily, a carpet python, as the one in the picture, is not normally known to be aggressive towards humans. They are slower moving and don't really travel that far. However, if a human was in this snake's way when it was hungry, they would probably be in trouble.

If this snake can be captured, it would be relocated to place farther away from humans. So far, it was remained unfound.

Here's hoping this snake stay in Queensland!


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Giant Python Photographed in Queesland Could Eat a Child