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Giant Purple Sea Slugs Slime San Francisco [VIDEO]

San Francisco is experiencing an invasion of huge purple sea slugs washing ashore.  

Giant purple sea slugs slime San Francisco? Sounds like a "Batman" episode, or perhaps a "Godzilla" movie, but it's not! This invasion is really happening, and right in some of our backyards.

They aren't really purple sea slugs; they are actually called California sea hares because of their thick antennae that resemble bunny ears, and they are just harmless (not-so) little plant eaters.

Residents in the San Francisco Bay are feeling a little nervous though. These slugs are huge, up to 15 pounds and almost three feet in length!

There have been dozens of sea hares spotted in and around Oakland and San Francisco. They are not endangered, as many might think. These creatures are actually native to the area and we are seeing the large influx due to warmer waters, shares Morgan Dill, a naturalist at the Crab Cove Visitor Center in Alameda.

If you can get over the sheer oddness of these sea hares, you'll be amazed at the brilliant colors that catch your eye more than any slug you've ever seen.

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Giant Purple Sea Slugs Slime San Francisco [VIDEO]