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Giant Oarfish Caught in Mexico [VIDEO]

This thing looks like a leviathan, but is just a very big fish. OAR is it? Eh? Eh?

This Marcia Delgado video shows the massive team effort required to land one of the longest fish in the Caribbean, or any other ocean, for that matter. Oarfish have been reported to grow up to 56 feet long, though the largest confirmed catch is 33 feet.

The one in this video is most certainly up there.

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Oarfish are technically edible, although because of the gelatinous nature of their flesh, they're rarely eaten.

Oarfish have been spotted and caught all over the world, although sighting (nevermind catching) one is extremely rare. This is mainly because they routinely venture down to 1,000 meters, and rarely come near the surface. This one was captured and brought to an aquarium, where it promptly died after just more than a half hour. Yeah, maybe we shouldn't bother them anymore..

They're thought to be the origins of sea serpent tales, and are still the stuff of legend. More than one researcher, handling live oarfish, have reported feeling "electric shocks."

We'll stick to fishing for marlin, thanks.

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Giant Oarfish Caught in Mexico [VIDEO]