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Giant New York Tiger Muskie is State Record Contender

New York Up State

This is one New York tiger muskie that is too big to miss. 

We muskie fishermen have heard this familiar story all too often. Just stop me if you have heard this as well, but a bass fisherman was fishing away on a small little lake, not really considered trophy muskie water, when all of sudden a giant smashes his lure. Pictures are always there to prove it, but this couldn't be more of the case for this possible state record New York tiger muskie.

Dalton Christiantelli was fishing a Spook on Lake Como, a small New York 70 acre lake, when he saw the muskie sitting on a weedline. A few casts later using only four-pound line, the fight was on. About 25 minutes later, the fish was in the boat but not without incident. Christiantelli's fishing buddy, who helped get it in the boat, got pretty cut up in the process.

Up State New York

"Without Erick, I think that fish would have just been a fish tale. He definitely was a major factor in the landing of the fish," Christiantelli said in an interview referring to his buddies cut up hand by getting too close to the big fish's teeth. "He got five stitches. We started calling it the '5-stitch fish.' "

Measuring out to 50 and 1/8 inches, this New York tiger muskie is larger than the previous record, but the weight may not add up. According to a tackle box scale kept in the boat, the estimated weight of 29 pounds, 8 ounces is not even close to the 35-pound mark of the current record. Certified weights are still pending though.

Regardless if this fish is a New York record is irrelevant. For a tiger muskie, this is one awesome fish.


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Giant New York Tiger Muskie is State Record Contender