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Giant Lobster Snagged by Free Diver

This giant lobster caught in Huntington Beach is easily the biggest crustacean you’ll see today, or just about any day.

When Joseph Ali leaped off the Huntington Beach Pier Monday evening, bystanders thought he might have been drunk. In actuality, Ali was free diving for dinner when he resurfaced with a little more than he originally bargained for.

According to the Orange County Register, Ali was closing up the family business when he laid eyes on the calm waters and decided to see if he could track down a lobster.

With an LED flashlight and 16 feet of water above him, Ali was attempting to grab another, smaller lobster when the gigantic “bug” appeared.

Of course, a lobster that big couldn’t merely be “picked up,” and as Ali reached for it the crustacean it fought back. “There was no way my hand could wrap around his back to grab him, but luckily he latched onto me,” Ali told the Register.

Watch the video and hear from Ali himself.

According to the report, a California Department of Fish and Wildlife official said the large lobster was probably over 30 years old.

Dinner, indeed.

Featured image via Ken Steinhardt, Orange County Register

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Giant Lobster Snagged by Free Diver