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Giant Groupers Are At It Again [VIDEO]

Giant groupers are in the spotlight, and not because people are catching them. 

Brad Hinks was boating around the Northern Territory of Australia when he thought he saw a crocodile in shallow water. Next thing you know, he pulled out his trusty cell phone and started filming the encounter only to realize that the animal he saw swimming wasn’t a crocodile at all, but instead, a giant grouper.

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Recently, giant groupers have been video taped attacking spearfisherman, eating sharks, and breaking rods. Now, they are attacking boats…allegedly.

As you can see in the original article found here, the words used to describe this video indicated something that happened that just may not be the case.

So what do you think? Did the grouper attack the boat or just bump it trying to get away?

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Giant Groupers Are At It Again [VIDEO]