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Giant Golden Dorado Scooped Up in an Excavator, Seriously

Did this golden dorado really get captured by an excavator? 

Not much information exists out there regarding this fairly incredibly video showing what appears to be a large golden dorado being captured by an excavator. Considering these fish live in South America, and the men in the video are speaking what sounds like possibly Portuguese, the fish would line up.

Check out this video and see for yourself. If not a golden dorado, what other kind of fish is it?

That water must be pretty murky if a Cat excavator was able to capture it so easily. You would think that the fish would have felt the vibration of the scoop closing in underneath it and took off. Then again, that water is awfully weedy. Maybe it just got stuck.

Either way, you don't see stuff like this everyday. Golden dorado or not, that was still one big fish. It's also something those men in the video will ever forget.


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Giant Golden Dorado Scooped Up in an Excavator, Seriously