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Giant, Fishing-Eating Spiders Are Being Spotted Around Wisconsin

A seldom seen spider that can hunt fish on water is being sighted around Wisconsin.

Fishing spiders, three-inch arachnids capable of hunting fish underwater, are growing in numbers in Wisconsin, reports the Green Bay Press Gazette. State wildlife officials say they have received several reports of the unusually large spider around the state.

"Most people never see fishing spiders because they're very well camouflaged, but they're out there hunting," said Linda Williams, a spokesperson with the state Department of Natural Resources, told WTMJ.

Fishing spiders don't spin webs to hunt. They have the unique ability to hunt tadpoles and minnows by floating on the surface of water.

While fishing spiders look nasty, they don't pose a threat to humans. They rarely bite people and those who have been bitten by the spiders describe their bite as being similar to a bee sting or mosquito itch.

That being said, you're probably going to flip out if you find one of these things on your boat or hanging out in your mailbox.


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Fishing spiders are actually native to Wisconsin. They come in six varieties, including the dark spider, which is the type being spotted around the state.

Spider expert Michael Draney said that fishing spiders live all over Wisconsin, but people have been noticing them more recently.

"You could pretty much find them anywhere in Wisconsin,"Draney told the Press-Gazette Media. "They're usually found near lakes and rivers, but people have been finding them a little closer to home recently."

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Giant, Fishing-Eating Spiders Are Being Spotted Around Wisconsin