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Giant Catfish and Carp Fishing in Legendary Abbey Lakes, Part II

Abbey Lakes

We’re back at France’s legendary Abbey Lakes with the guys from Freewater Pictures, and we’ve got some gigantic catfish and carp fishing to enjoy.

The guys from Freewater Pictures are back at the Abbey Lakes in Longueil-Sainte-Marie, France, for another round of carp fishing. Big carp fishing. They also do a bit of fishing for massive catfish. It’s a heck of an episode.

The film production of this video is awesome. With a nice blend of nature shots, some fun and intense fishing, and good music, this film is just what we’ve come to expect from Freewater Pictures. It’s brilliant.

Oskar Stenberg praises carp poetically. “A gracious fish,” he says. “Very moody, and hard to fool.”

This Abbey Lakes excursion is a continuation of their first effort – Carp Fishing for Giants in Longueil-Sainte-Marie – where they caught some truly massive fish. Carp that tipped the scales at close to 60 pounds. They were incredible.

This time they’re onto carp that are just as massive. The stomachs on these fish are unbelievable. Johnny catches one that looks like it swallowed a football.

But they’re after more dark and monstrous fish this trip, as at the end they pursue a mysterious nighttime predator: catfish!

Of the smooth skinned giants Oskar says, “The catfish is a brutal predator. Resting during the day. saving up all possible strength for when the darkness overtakes the area.”

They catch Moby Dick. An almost six-foot long, just shy of 80 pound catfish. It takes two of them – Oskar and Erik – to lift the beast.

Several personal bests were had, a couple of firsts with some of the anglers, and a really big catfish to top it all off. It was an amazing trip to Abbey Lakes.

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Giant Catfish and Carp Fishing in Legendary Abbey Lakes, Part II