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Giant Carp on the Fly Won't Even Fit in the Net!

If carp on the fly isn't your game, it should be! 

Catching carp on the fly has taken on a cult following that is only rivaled by very few other fandoms in fishing. Those that chase these fish tend to only focus on carp and carp alone. Reaching the twenty pound status for carp on a fly rod is what this special kind of fly fisherman dreams of. As you are about to see, a carp that big can be hard to handle.

Mike Malchow was fishing in an off beat lake in northern Colorado when he hooked up with this giant of a carp. Even though he had a larger than average net, this carp was still too big for it. Luckily, the Walton 5/6 weight fly rod he was using was able to get the job the done instead.

That fish is exactly what carp dreams are made of. It would be a backing buster for sure.

Carp are going to be spawning all over the country very soon, if not already in some places. Now is the time is get out there and stalk some shallow water in whatever rivers or lakes are near you and look for these giants as they are staging for the action to begin.

Once you hook one carp on the fly, you may never go back.


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Giant Carp on the Fly Won't Even Fit in the Net!