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Giant Boulder Falls and Kills One Hunter, Injures Another

Steven Setser realizes how fortunate he is to be alive after a massive boulder toppled over on both he and his friend Donnie Barker. Donnie was crushed and died instantly.

Out hiking the woods for deer season near Wharton, West Virginia, friends Steven Setser and Donnie Barker grew cold and started at fire at the base of the rock. The rock had been perched in the same position for an untold number of lifetimes.

Hours after the fire had been lit, the boulder rolled down atop both men. Hear Steven tell the story in his own words.

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Steven believes the heat from the fire caused the rock to destabilize. It was an unfortunate accident and one that he’ll remember for the rest of his life.

Accidents in the wilderness are more probable when we tempt fate. A shortcut through a swollen creek; reaching out from a treestand to trim a limb without being clipped in; we’re presented with scenarios all the time that seem improbable but if they fall through, can cause big problems.

Consider the worst case scenario then consider the benefit of taking the risk. Chances are you’ll make a better decision and come home safely from your adventure.


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Giant Boulder Falls and Kills One Hunter, Injures Another