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This Giant Beast Isn’t Your Typical Big Catch [VIDEO]

Get a load of this big catch, and help us analyze the video.

We had to share this awesome fishing video with you, even though we can’t understand a word of it. Filmed in Italy’s Po River, this monster Wels Catfish was ready to battle for hours it seems before he got too tired and finally gave in. We’re unsure what the guys in the boat are saying, but what we do know is that what’s on the end of this guy’s line was a monster. Literally.

After a little hunting, we were able to track down this master angler. His name is Yuri Grisendi, and it seems like catching big, fat Wels Catfish is kind of his favorite thing to do. He has countless record-breaking catches, as well as the video proof to back it up floating around YouTube. He is the host of Catfishing Around the World.

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Interesting and kind of funny how he strokes the fish during the video, but it’s mostly a gesture of kindness to calm the massive fish before he releases it to roam the waters once more.

Wels Catfish are also known as a sheatfish, and can be found in  central, southern, and eastern Europe, near the Baltic and Caspian Seas. It has also appeared as far as from the United Kingdom, to east to Kazakhstan, and south all the way to Greece.

Anyone know more about them? Have you ever gotten a chance to catch one?

Leave your thoughts below and let us know what this guy did right, and what he may have done wrong.

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This Giant Beast Isn’t Your Typical Big Catch [VIDEO]