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Giant Albino Catfish Caught in Canada

FB/Donovan Pearase

No matter what country you are in, an Albino catfish is a rare thing. 

Something pretty incredible happened to Donovan Pearase recently of Blackwater Cats Outfitter based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. He was guiding a few clients on the Red River when one of them set hooks into a giant of a channel catfish. Once it was on board and measured out, it turned out to be 34 inches of pure muscle. However, that’s not the crazy part. What made this catch truly unique is that the fish Pearase’s client landed was a giant albino catfish. 

What’s even more crazy is that this one in a million fish was caught on video during the entire fight.

Caution: the excitement gets the better of this fishing crew and some explicit words start flying once they realize what they have.

Normally something like that comes out of a farm pond back home where I am from and that’s only because it was stocked in there! This albino catfish is 100 percent genuine and straight from the wild.

FB/Donovan Pearase

As noted on the BlackwaterCats YouTube page, this giant albino catfish qualified for the Manitoba’s Master Angler award. This means that this fish will go down in the record books which is no small feat. The Manitoba’s Master Angler program is the oldest program of it’s kind for fish record keeping in North America.

Congrats on a truly once in lifetime fish!



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Giant Albino Catfish Caught in Canada