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Giant 14-Pound Walleye Breaks Georgia State Record

Images via Georgia Lake Fishing

The new Georgia state record walleye is a brute!

Wes Carlton, fishing guide and owner of Georgia Lake Fishing has a new reason for clients to decide to choose his guide service. You see, Carlton is now a Georgia state record holder for landing the largest walleye ever registered in the state.

Weighing in at 14 pounds, two ounces and measuring just over 31 inches long, Carlton's Georgia state record walleye would be a monster fish just about anywhere walleye swim.


"Based on sampling efforts by fisheries staff, we have just been waiting on the day that a new state record walleye was pulled from Lake Rabun," said John Biagi from the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division in a recent report.  "Hearing about a new state record is a great start to 2016 and I hope it encourages all new and experienced anglers to get outdoors and go fish Georgia!"

So far, 2016 has been off to a great start with multiple state record fish records already falling. For Carlton though, this record walleye has been a lifelong goal. Luckily, Carlton still has the entire rest of his career to catch one even bigger.

For details about fishing with Wes Carlton, be sure to check out his website for contact and booking info.


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Giant 14-Pound Walleye Breaks Georgia State Record