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Ghost Moose, and How Ticks Are Involved [VIDEO]

If you have ever had a close encounter with a moose, you would know how big these animals really are.

If you have ever hunted one, you know what it takes to get one of these animals down.

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Then comes the tick. These insects are quite small in comparison with the moose.

Now watch this video uploaded by National Geographic, and you will be shocked with just what happens.

Some interesting things to note, these moose that do get infested with the winter ticks are known as ghost moose because you are able to see their pale skin. Also they estimate that the winter ticks can drain a calf of half its blood.

Early in this clip you will see a moose that was infested with over 100,000 ticks.

What are your thoughts about this video after having watched it?  Have you ever had a tick bite you while you were afield?

What do you think that researchers should do to help these animals? Could the department of fish and wildlife do more to help these moose before it is too late? Is global warming really contributing to this? Let us know in the comments below.


Featured image via National Geographic

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Ghost Moose, and How Ticks Are Involved [VIDEO]