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Ghost Gunner Prints Rifle Parts for Open Carry Rally at Texas Capitol [VIDEO]

Joe Lowens

Come and Take It Texas purchases Ghost Gunner 3-D printer and manufactures rifle pieces on Texas Capitol steps.

Advocates for HB 195 and open carry across the state of Texas gathered at the steps of the Texas Capitol Tuesday morning Jan. 13, for the opening day of the 84th Legislative Session with their newest addition to the rally, the Ghost Gunner.

Come and Take It Texas, second amendment defenders and subgroup of Come and Take It America, purchased the 3-D printer named aptly for its production of gun parts without serial numbers or tracking of any kind.

The Ghost Gunner manufactures metal parts, not plastic, and while the finished product is considered a firearm, it still needs specific parts attached in order to be a functioning firearm. The machine cranked out pieces for the weapon in about two hours.

The rally was held in support of Jonathan Strickland's (R - Bedford) house bill which will ideally rid concealed handgun licenses and provide for open carry. As of now, Texans can carry their long rifles and shotguns in full display, a point the advocates made by toting their rifles and ARs on Capitol grounds.

Open Carry Texas hopes to host a rally later in the month but intends on carrying empty hip holsters in lieu of weapons. Founder CJ Grisham had hoped Come and Take It Texas would not bring the Ghost Gunner to the Capitol, as he thought it appeared confrontational.

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Ghost Gunner Prints Rifle Parts for Open Carry Rally at Texas Capitol [VIDEO]