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The Ghost Gunner Machine is Now Shipping [VIDEO]

Highly anticipated and intensely controversial, at-home production machine now shipping.

Defense Distributed, a Texas-based company, announced today their machine "the Ghost Gunner" is finally ready to ship.

The Ghost Gunner has been the subject of heated debate because the machine turns any mil-spec 80% lower receiver blanks into complete AR-15 lower receivers. Thus, with the other rifle components, a Ghost Gunner owner can assemble a fully functioning and serial number-free AR-15 from their own home.

Technically speaking, the Ghost Gunner is a CNC machine (similar to a 3D printer). The technology, and it's implications in the firearm industry, is groundbreaking. However, the opposition is strong. One setback for Defense Distributed was major shipping companies refusing to ship the Ghost Gunner. Support for Defense Distributed and their machine is also very strong with a groundswell of support coming in from all over the country. Supporters are citing the right to bear arms and many are attracted to the idea of having a "private" or unserialized rifle.

Defense Distributed has been transparent in their mission: "Let's be very clear... This project and our company are about expanding your franchise as freemen... in the face of overwhelming opposition."

The Ghost Gunner ready-to-ship announcement was posted on YouTube and shared across social media Friday morning. The response has so far been non-contentious with many expressing their support and excitement about the possibility of owning their own Ghost Gunner soon.

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The Ghost Gunner Machine is Now Shipping [VIDEO]