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Ghost, Come Closer: Dealing with Cancer By Fly Fishing

Ghost, Come Closer
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This beautiful documentary called Ghost, Come Closer shows just how one can take on a huge thing like cancer by using nature.

Jeff Metcalf is an essayist, playwright, poet, teacher, and most of all an outdoorsman who’s been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

In this tough time in his life he has tried to find ways to cope with the stress and worry that the disease has put on him and found fly fishing to be his saving grace. He documents much of how he feels in this amazing video: Ghost, Come Closer.

While we know that it’s not realistic anytime soon, we hope that no-one has to deal with anything like cancer. But until that day comes, we know that the river is always a place we can find our peace and a place that will accept us no matter how we come and will offer a healing that not many places can.


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Ghost, Come Closer: Dealing with Cancer By Fly Fishing