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Getting Fitted in St. Paul at Heimie's Haberdashery

Hunter with a lot of cash? Want to look damn fine in the woods? Check out Heimie's Haberdashery in St. Paul, Minnesota.

A "haberdasher" is, well was, a seller of small sewing accessories and male outfitter. It was a term more commonly used in the Medieval period, showing up first in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Yeah, it's that old.

But the term and specialization in men's outfitting, haberdashery, is making a comeback in St. Paul.

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Heime's Haberdashery was officially introduced in an article on from the Pioneer Press. The reporter, Dave Orrick, even got a few comments from the owner, Adam Andler (I was hoping his name was Heimie, too. Heime was his great-grandfather).

Andler says, "One of the perspectives I took when I first got into business was the idea that I not only took care of the man at work, but the man after work. Reading books, smoking cigars, shaving, and hunting and fishing. I wanted to be not a typical suit purveyor but something more."

And Heime's Haberdashery is just that, an atypical suit purveyor that reminds us what hunters looked like in the 19th Century.

The suits are not cheap but they will last forever and Andler hopes that they will be passed down through generations like in the olden days.

Andler told Orrick,

When we look at the Burger Brothers and Gokey's (sporting goods stores) of the day, it was a time when a man would hand down his shotgun case to his son. That connects us to the gear we're using. That gear always has a story behind it. It could be a dent in the thermos from that time it fell off the back of the truck or tooth marks in a bag from a bear in camp. We want these pieces to be handed down from generation to generation and have an aesthetic ability that you can't really find from something mass-produced in China or wherever.

Touche, quality trumps China-made crap every time.

Andler's next venture? A gun boutique.

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Getting Fitted in St. Paul at Heimie's Haberdashery