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Get the Scoop on this 178-Inch Monster Georgia Buck Out of Coosawattee WMA

Eric Stone/Georgia Outdoor News

This 178-inch monster Georgia buck is truly a deer of a lifetime!

Hunter Galloway originally brought this monster Georgia buck into the limelight via a recent article covering the hunt. The story of this epic deer goes something like this.

Eric Stone, the hunter that harvested the animal back on Dec. 16th, received a stroke of luck when he pulled permits for a quota hunt in the Coosawattee Wildlife Management Area. He was able to hunt the area for three days, a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday with his brother who also pulled a permit.

This particular WMA is rounded off at a total of 5,626 acres and big bucks like the Griffin non-typical buck that measured at 192 4/8 and the J. Castleberry typical buck that measured 166 5/8 points both came from the area.

So, as you can see, this WMA is no stranger to some really big deer.

As the story goes, although Eric was not able to make it out to the woods on the first day of his quota hunt, he was able to sneak out on Friday morning with his brother to see what they could make happen.

Once arriving to the WMA Eric went to his spot and his brother went to his.

“I got set up before daylight, and I heard bucks chasing does before it was daylight enough to see,” said Eric. “Once it broke daylight, it seemed like everything died off. I figured nothing would move during the daylight because of the full moon. I kept hearing two squirrels behind me bouncing around all morning, and I finally got to the point where I wouldn’t pay attention to them. I heard a jump behind me, and I knew that didn’t sound like a squirrel. I turned around, and it was a doe walking.”

As the doe moved in so did the 178″ monster. Eric new he had to be patient and use the one shooting lane he had if he was going to bag this deer. Unfortunately, the deer kept on cruising.

“I told myself, there went my chance at that buck,” said Eric. “Two to three minutes later, I saw them coming back. Once again, the buck got by the gap. The third time he came back with five does, and I finally got the shot on him. “

“I have hunted Coosawattee WMA all my life, and I have even killed my first deer on Coosawattee WMA, but I have never seen a buck like that. Buck of a lifetime,” said Eric.

Getting a second shot on a buck like this would have had me shaking in boots.  That is a buck of a lifetime thats for sure.

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Get the Scoop on this 178-Inch Monster Georgia Buck Out of Coosawattee WMA