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How to Get Started Shooting A Revolver [VIDEO]


Shooting a wheel gun has its own tricks and techniques.

Many people are familiar with shooting a semi-auto (also called an autoloader) handgun, but many of those people have never shot a revolver before. Grip, finger placement, loading and unloading all are very different from how they work in a semiauto handgun. Yet the revolver has been around for many generations.

They are very reliable and very fun to shoot. Learning to shoot a revolver can take some time to break some old bad habits when it comes to grip and trigger stroke.

Rob Pincus and Grant Cunningham from the Personal Defense Network have come together to provide a video presentation on some of the proper techniques on shooting a double action revolver efficiently as well as some tips for the first time shooter.

Let’s have Rob and Grant explain in the video below.

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As you can see, even Rob who has shot revolvers before was able to learn some new tips and tricks to a revolver.

A revolver is fun to shoot but like any gun can be a handful when you are not sure on what you are doing. Taking the time to learn the proper techniques will keep you from getting hurt or hurting someone else. It will also make your rang time with a revolver much more fun

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How to Get Started Shooting A Revolver [VIDEO]